Amateur Spotlight: Sybil Rose

Name: Sybil Rose
Age: 24
Location: Del Mar, CA

How many years have you been riding? 17 years
What division(s) do you show in? 3’3”, 3’6” AO Hunters, Adult Equitation Medals
Horses show names: HLF Wanderlust, Ciacolini, Centurion, Typecast, Casani Z

Why did you start riding?
I started riding when I moved from Seattle, WA to Phoenix, Arizona in 2000. My mom
thought it would be a fun activity for our family to enjoy together… little did she we would
still be enjoying it 17 years later!

Highlight of your amateur career so far?
Competing in the AO hunters at the Alltech National Horse Show in 2014. It was such a
dream to qualify for this coveted show and we (Typecast and I) did really well with top
placings in the division. Typecast was also Champion in the 3’3” Performance Hunters.

Favorite horse show?
PA National Horse Show – not one you usually hear about as a favorite but I love this show
because it was my first indoors show as a junior and again as an amateur.

Favorite hotel at away shows?
La Quinta Resort and Spa in Palm Desert when at Thermal

Favorite bar/restaurant that you always go to after riding?
Sundried Tomato in San Juan Capistrano – comfort food and good drinks

Favorite hunt coat in your closet right now?
Grand Prix Saltare Hunt Coat

Best part of the ammy social scene/community?
For the most part, everyone is so supportive of one another and can share the struggle of a
work/life/equestrian balance. I am always inspired by other amateurs and their ability to
maintain a career inside the equestrian community and in the real world.

What’s the one thing you hear your trainer say again and again in a lesson, like a broken record?
“Stop twisting your body” – You are welcome Philip Cillis 🙂

What’s your worst habit on a horse you just can’t break?
I make all my horses land left!!! It must be something about the way I balance when going
over a jump… I just can’t seem to break this habit but it’s both good and bad. If you have a
right-leader (like my new 6 year old hunter), I will make them land left and become more
ambidextrous. On the other hand, when I need them to land right I really have to
concentrate extra hard about keeping my body square.

What is your best tip for overcoming lesson or show anxiety?
2 things: I always think back to my junior days when I really started to do well in in the
equitation and it’s because I thought to slow my brain down and take a breath in the corner
or at the end of the ring. Also, remembering to just have fun!

What is your horse show morning routine?
Usually before a horse show I try and sleep as long as possible so I just hop right out of bed,
get dressed, have a cup of coffee, and head to the horse show. If it’s before 9am I usually
won’t eat breakfast until after because I get an adrenaline rush as soon as I wake up

Favorite sunscreen?
Tinted Elta by MD Skincare, Color Science

Best skincare tip for riders?
Wash, with a gentle cleanser, then apply Vitamin C serum, moisturize, SPF and reapply
throughout the day! I love the Color Science brush on sunscreen because I don’t have to touch the product, I can reapply directly on my face at the show without getting my hands greasy.

Most important question: favorite summer cocktail?
I prefer Beer! A nice cold IPA like Modern Times Dank Mosaic or Ballast Point Pineapple

Second most important: favorite post-ride wine?
Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc

Keep up with Sybil and her equine adventures on Instagram by following

@homesteadlanefarm and @sybilengineer

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