Amateur Spotlight: Pam Theodosakis

Name:Pam Theodosakis
Age: 55
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

How many years have you been riding? 8

What divisions do you show in? Low A/O 36 & Over and Adults 50 & Over
Horse’s show names: Taboo, Buddha, & Happy Hour
Why did you start riding? My daughters inspired me to learn to ride but sadly they stopped with High School and College.
Highlight of your amateur career so far? Winning top ribbons at the Hampton Classic 2016
Favorite horse show?Hampton Classic and Menlo, and showing on the grass at The Oaks
Favorite hotel at away shows?Rosewood at Menlo and St Regis at the Oaks
Favorite hunt coat brand in your closet now?Charles Ancona, Winston and Habit

What’s the one thing you hear your trainer say again and again in a lesson like a broken record? Remember your focal point and he always says have fun!


What’s your worst habit on a horse you just can’t break? Pulling too much with my right rein.


What’s your best tip for overcoming lesson or show anxiety? I love lessons and never have anxiety at home. At horse shows, a couple of deep breaths, visualizing good rounds, and keeping positive thoughts in my head works for me.


What’s your horse show morning routine?  I like to start with some yoga and deep stretches in the morning. I like to be organized and a little early to the show so I can visit my horses, socialize with friends, and then focus and get my game face on.

Favorite sunscreen?Coola
Favorite makeup for riding in?Dior Airbrush Foundation
Best skincare tip for riders? Sunscreen your hands and neck too! Always try and wear a hat at the shows.

Most important question: favorite summer cocktail? Skinny Jalepeño Margarita on the rocks with salt.

Second most important: favorite post-ride wine? Any big red!! Prisoner, Groth, Jordan, Silver Oak


You can keep up with Pam, Taboo, Buddha, and Happy Hour on Instagram by following @Pam_theo


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