Summer Show Pieces to Drool Over


There’s no two ways around it: August is HOT. It’s also peak show season, so while you’re gearing up for year end championships, we’ve rounded up a few must haves to make your summer shows a little bit easier. From show breeches that give you that pilates body but without the pilates, to a sports bra that keeps your shoulders back, to a sno-cone cocktail machine….we’ve got you covered. And since we know it’s not just the ladies sweating it out in the show ring, we’ve included a few gems for the men amongst us as well.


1. RJ Classics Gulf Breech, in tan – RJ Classics, $150.00,

These breeches are just amazing. They’re the perfect level of stretch, the perfect low-rise that still covers the muffin top zone, and insanely flattering. They make you feel damn good, which is a plus at the shows, plus they work in any ring.

2. Kerrits EQ Sports Bra, Kerrits – Smart Pak Equine, $35.95,

A sports bra made just for riders? Yes please! It might not be the sexiest undergarment you own, but the moisture wicking technology keeps that dreaded boob sweat away, and the back is specifically designed to help keep your shoulders back and in that top notch eq position.

3. Maui Jim Sport Sungalsses, Maui Jim – Sunglass Hut, $174.00

Riding with sunglasses is usually obnoxious – they don’t stay on your face and if you fall, they might leave a sunglass shaped bruise. These Maui Jim sunglasses are so lightweight and flexible that you won’t even feel them, plus they stay on like glue and are totally safe to ride in (and polarized!).

4. Custom Stretch Belt, in black & gold (other colors available) – Ruespari, $95.00,

These belts are super chic, super stretchy, and customizable: basically, they’re perfect. We’re into black and gold for the hunter ring, but you can create any color combination (barn colors!) and rep them with every outfit you own. The stretch fabric was designed for equestrians and is comfy to wear all day long.

5. Men’s Performance Show Shirt, in Aliante – Animo, $168.00,

The men’s section at most tack shops is….well, lacking in options. Don’t settle for a sweaty cotton polo shirt in the jumper ring when you can don a stylish, understated show shirt that wicks away sweat and looks great. These shirts are so comfortable they’re equally good for schooling.

6. Luxury Italian Leather Half Chaps, in light brown grainy leather, SecchiariEquiClass, $204.00,

If you’re not into pulling on uncomfortable tall boots day in and day out, enter your new best friend: the most luxurious half chaps on planet earth. These things are buttery soft, handcrafted, and we’re kind of jealous that they’re designed specifically to fit a man’s calf. We might do some calf raises and get a pair.

7. Portable Sno Cone Machine, Cuisinart, $69.95,

We need to let you in on the greatest secret for post ride recovery in summer: adult sno cones. This idea was brought to us by Alan Smith of Fortuna Del Charro, who introduced us to the wonder that is margarita sno-cones made right at the barn. Bust out this portable sno-cone machine and become the most popular bartender at your barn.

Here are a few RECIPES for alcoholic sno-cones to get you inspired

9. ‘This Might Be Wine’ Signature Logo Aluminum Water Bottle, Equestrian Confidential Shop, $28.99, contact to pre-order before they sell out

Obviously, the #1 thing you need for a sweltering show season: a double insulated aluminum Equestrian Confidential logo bottle with our signature ‘This Might Be Wine’ slogan on the side. Is it wine? Who knows…but we do know it’ll stay cold for 12 hours.

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