Amateur Spotlight: Stephanie Wilbur

It’s the best time of the month again – Amatuer Spotlight time! Today we’re highlighting one of our favorite Adult Amateurs on the GSDHJA circuit in San Diego. Stephanie Wilbur and her stunning show partner Winston ISF took the circuit by storm this year, and she’s even been known to be seen around town toting an Equestrian Confidential ‘This Might Be Wine’ water bottle. So obviously, she’s one of our very favorites. Get to know how Stephanie returned to riding as an adult, her go-to podcast & book for conquering show nerves, and her best tips and tricks for her fellow riders in this installation of Amateur Spotlight….

Name: Stephanie Wilbur
Age (if you want – we know you’re all really 25): 51
Location: Rancho Santa Fe

Years riding? About 15 – half as a child, and the rest 30 years later!

What division(s) do you show in? GSDHJA County Circuit in the Low A/A, A/A and Adult Eq

Horse’s show name: Winston ISF

Why did you start riding? My mother was (and still is) very involved with horses.

Highlight of your amateur career so far? Finishing strong in my divisions this year and slowly getting more consistent.

Favorite horse show? GSDHJA Champ Show

Favorite hotel at away shows? Residence Inn near the Oaks.

Favorite spot for drinks or dinner after riding? I never turn down La Morada at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe.

Favorite hunt coat brand in your closet now? Pikeur

Best part of the amatuer social scene/community? Such great people! It’s a fun group of friendly, supportive ladies and I am really enjoying getting to know them.

What’s the one thing you hear your trainer say again and again in a lesson like a broken record? After the jump, sit up and organize for the lead change!

What’s your best tip for overcoming lesson or show anxiety? Tonya Johnston’s book Inside Your Ride is excellent. And while I definitely get my share of nerves, my trainer Pat Lautenbach is always very calm and positive and that helps a lot!

What’s your horse show morning routine? Maybe listen to part of a Tonya Johnston’s podcast; learn my courses; watch a few classes; check out the doughnut selection in the show office!

Favorite sunscreen for riding days? Elta… I’m good about using it now, but I should have started decades sooner!

Favorite makeup for riding in? Occasionally waterproof mascara.

Best skincare tip for riders? Sunscreen!

Most important question: favorite post-show cocktail? Gin and tonic

Second most important: favorite post-ride wine? Chardonnay!

We love that Stephanie loves to rock her Equestrian Confidential logo bottle! Get one of your very own, or stock up on gifts for your fellow vino loving equestrians HERE

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