Audiobooks to Save Your Barn Commute

For some of us, August is a time of change and organization. With summer coming to a close and school semesters starting up, it’s also one of the times of the year when we tend to be the busiest.

Still, it’s important to take time for yourself once and awhile, even if you’re on the go. If you have a road trip or a long drive to a horse show planned, you’re in luck–from Amazon to Audible, we’ve curated some of the best equestrian-themed audiobooks for you to enjoy hands-free in the driver’s seat.


The Hearts of Horses – Molly Gloss

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This book’s a good pick if you’re looking for an uplifting tale with a healthy dose of girl power. The story’s protagonist, Martha, is a horse whisperer and rodeo cowgirl looking to make a difference in the lives of the horses and people around her.


The Perfect Horse – Elizabeth Letts 

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Horse lover and history buff? Then this one’s for you. In this true story, Letts recounts when US troops saved priceless Arabian and Lippizaner horses from both German and Russian forces during World War II. Learn about the troops’ daring rescue mission as well as the history of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and how its prized stallions were involved in the war in this exciting tale.


Riding Lessons – Sara Gruen

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Gruen is best known for her novel Water for Elephants, which was made into a film in 2011, but her Riding Lessons series is a good option for equestrians looking for a story featuring horses and romance. The story centers around the trials of the character Annemarie as she struggles to raise her teenage daughter while reconciling with her tragic past, all while having to decide between two lovers: a veterinarian and a trainer. Talk about drama!


The Eighty-Dollar Champion – Elizabeth Letts

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Another favorite story by Elizabeth Letts, this true account features the story of Snowman, the famed plow horse-turned-show jumper. Letts’s account of Snowman’s rise to fame is inspiring, a true rags-to-riches story. Snowman’s lasting legacy proves no horse should go underestimated.

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