Horse Show and Chill: How to Keep Your Partner Happy at a Show

We spend all day caring for our four-legged partner in crime, but can sometimes forget about the two-legged, upright, real-life human one. While horse shows are a great time to strengthen the bond between rider and horse, they shouldn’t diminish from relationships with partners or spouses; 5 carrots and a sugar cube don’t quite have the same effect on a bored, ringside S.O. So, I’ve created a much-needed list for how to keep your special someone happy at shows.

Pony Express

Adults, teens, men, and women alike can’t say no to a little off roading. Yes, even though you drove three hours to get here in a real car, mopeds and golf carts bring a new sense of adventure to the driving game. If your partner seems bored, put them on driving duty! A quick trip to the barn aisles or food court and back will get your partner out of the rut,  sitting ringside for hours upon hours.

Dog Duty

Learn to delegate; if your partner is an animal lover like you (fingers crossed you didn’t fall for someone with an allergy) then put them in charge of the dog. Pups can keep your S.O. company while they watch you ride in circles during a 30-minute flat class. Plus, they can get your partner moving! Take the dog on walks, feed it, pet it, the list is endless. Everyone loves a furry friend, so lend yours to your partner for a while. You don’t have to take care of the dog and they get a buddy to hang out with; it’s a two for one deal.

Hostess With the Mostess

Two words: come prepared. Bring your S.O. something special at the start of the day (because we all know it’s going to be a long one). Let your partner know that you’re grateful, that you were thinking them, and above all, that you can sympathize by bringing snacks galore. This will give your partner something to look forward to (besides the immense pride of watching you ride like a champion). WiFi + Netflix + chips is scientifically proven to maintain a high level of happiness in any environment, even the dust storm horse show that they’ve been dragged to.

The Winner’s Circle

If you happen to be so lucky as to win while your partner is watching, invite them into the champion/winner’s photo with you. Firstly, you get another cute photo of the two of you together. And secondly, you can make your partner feel special and included by suggesting that they might be your lucky charm. I mean, they could be, right?

Tally Up

If your partner really cares about you, they will want you to win. Tap into your partner’s competitive side by teaching them about points and scores. They can stay busy by tracking scores and calculating points of the other riders in your class, while simultaneously feeling like they are helping you out; everyone wants to be on the winning team!

Find Friends

Introduce your partner to other non-equestrian supporters at the barn. This way, S.O.’s can keep each other company while you and your friends compete. Nothing is cuter than two tired observers bonding over how early their partners made them wake up and how late the ring is running.

Top Secret

You have to be really in love for this one. If you wouldn’t lay down your life for your partner, you might as well click off the blog before wasting your time on this suggestion. But, as a last resort solution, if your partner’s happiness means the world to you, enlighten them to the privileges of your food court tab. Endless french fries. Enough said.

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