Helmet Hair: How to Slay the Beast Once and For All

We’ve been there. Rushing to dinner after your class went late (it’s always late) and being forced to show up with a hairdo that can only be described in the nicest terms as “a statement.” That mess that’s been marinated in sweat and baking in your oven of a helmet for god knows how long… eek! But fret no more, we’ve got your back at EC. Here are 5 ways to beat helmet hair, so you can go from ringside to runway in seconds.

Prep it with static control

Before putting your helmet on, give your hair a quick dose of anti-static spray. This will keep the frizz under control (especially good for winter shows or anywhere with especially dry air). Try R + Co Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray. The static control spray keeps flyaways grounded and adds moisture to your hair without making it look greasy. As a bonus, it’s scented, which will help cover up that less-than-pleasant sweat smell.

Cover up with dry shampoo

If you don’t believe in magic, you haven’t tried dry shampoo yet. This is an essential product, and its mystical powers can be wielded for everyday use, let alone just one day at a show. Dry shampoo absorbs oils, making your hair look and smell like you just got back from a professional salon. We can’t hype this one up enough.

Hands not brush! 

When you’re staring at your helmet hair in the mirror thinking “how the heck could I pull this off,” remember that messy hair + a little confidence is always in style. Make sure to comb through your hair with your fingers instead of a brush. This will add to the natural look while detangling, defrizzing, and de-everything  your wild locks. If you use a comb or brush, your hair will get perfect straight lines, which will highlight the mess that it is.


The hot towel method

If you don’t have access to any hair care products, this one is a quick trick in case you’re running low on time. Soak a towel in as hot of water as you have access too(steaming hot is preferred).  Then wrap the towel around the outside of your hair. The steam from the towel will work just like a steamer for clothes, and get rid of any wrinkles and strange lines that your helmet has made.


The last resort

If your hair is past the point of no return, you can always turn to your good friend, the hat. Sun hats during the day will work double duty, keeping your hair hidden and your skin safe from the sun. In the winter months, wear a beanie that will also work towards keeping your body temperature up. And if you have dinner plans, a fashionable statement hat, such as a beret, can add some pizazz to any outfit.


Clean that thing, for real

Last but not least, make sure you are routinely cleaning your helmet. With everything that it has to go through on a daily basis, your helmet can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Built up sweat and bacteria will create nasty odors that your hair will absorb. Combat this with some life saving helmet cleaning spray and you’ll be good to go.

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