Stable to City: Six Wellness Products Every Equestrian Needs to Own

Let’s face it – we’re gross. Even for the most elegant equestrian, there is no way around the fact that we spend the majority of our days at the barn, collecting dust, grime, and sweat. I’m not a glamorous lady by nature – I was literally raised in a barn – but even I can get to a point where I feel just a little too nasty to show my face in regular society. So what are we supposed to do when we leave the barn and have to rush off to a hot date or a business meeting? I don’t know about you, but for me, it looks like a quick swipe of deodorant, a spritz of dry shampoo and a prayer that my wit will distract people enough from the smell that they won’t leave dinner early. But what if there was a better way? Enter: Equestrian Wellness.

Equestrian Wellness features 100% natural & organic personal care products specially formulated to meet the daily demands of riders. Founder Valerie Breslow is passionate about self-care and horses, and saw the need for better products and information tailored towards the equestrian community. The website offers a multitude of products from lip balm and helmet spray, to all-natural tooth powder and even products for your dog. Besides the shop, Equestrian Wellness also hosts a blog teeming with tips, and Valerie offers specialized coaching programs tailored to your individual needs. You can find her products on her website and they are also featured in Noelle Floyd’s NF.edit subscription box,  which we are positively in love with.

We teamed up with Valerie to check out five of her product offerings and give you the inside scoop on how well they do the trick of transforming us from muddy maven to elegant dame.

Essential Helmet Spray

I’m skeptical to try helmet sprays anymore because I always feel like they don’t work as well as they should or they leave my head smelling like I dunked it in a tub of laundry detergent. I also have very sensitive skin and react to chemical products easily, so I’ve shied away from using helmet sprays that could cause me to have an itchy scalp or face.

I’m really pleased with the helmet spray from Equestrian Wellness for two simple reasons. One, it smells great. My helmet smells great, my hair smells great, my boyfriend told me I smelled sexy AFTER I RODE Y’ALL. Enough said. Two, I don’t itch. This product helps my helmet stay fresh and it keeps my delicate skin happy.

The bottle is small enough to put right inside your helmet when you put it away in its bag, and so far it hasn’t leaked. You can also use the spray directly on your hair or clothes since it is gentle and won’t stain. I highly recommend this product for anyone with sensitive skin who wants to feel sexy even after a day of mucking pens and cleaning sheaths.

Ingredients:  distilled water, distilled spirits, clove, cinnamon, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, rosemary & eucalyptus essential oils. $14.00.

Stable to City Wipes

How many of you keep baby wipes in the door of your car for a quick refresh before you head home or to meet friends after the barn? How often did you forget to seal the lid all the way and come to find that your wipes are now as dry as the Mojave? Or maybe today you just don’t want to smell like a baby’s behind. The newest product from Equestrian Wellness, their Stable to City wipes, are something everyone needs to have in their tack trunk. These compact wipes come in a cute, little tube that is easy to throw in your purse or helmet bag, and they come in handy at the end of a long day when you want to feel fresh and clean but just don’t have the time.

The revolutionary concept with these wipes is that they are DRY wipes. Say goodbye to stale and crusty baby wipes — just add a little bit of water to the Stable to City product and they puff up into a luxurious wipe that will leave you feeling so fresh and so clean in about 30 seconds flat. The best part is that they smell amazing (think flowery without a hint of grandma) and leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. I gave out 20 tubes of the Stable to City wipes at a clinic this past weekend and everyone was thrilled with the product. One client, who has plant allergies, even commented that this is the first plant-based product she’s used without getting a reaction. And can I just add, these wipes are not just good for your face, ladies (go ahead and be shocked, and then try it and thank me). I’ll leave it at that. Equestrian Wellness has hit a home run with this product and I can say I will personally never buy Charmin again, and at only $12.00 we can all afford to keep a few on hand. 

Ingredients: argan oil, fractionated coconut oil, Bulgarian rose absolute, frankincense, copaiba, ylang ylang and rose geranium on bamboo. Absolutely no artificial fragrances, parabens, silicone, or preservatives. $12.00.

Dry Shampoo

If the Helmet Spray doesn’t do the trick to freshen your locks, then you should try Equestrian Wellness’ Dry Shampoo. I’m a brunette (for now) and unlike other dry shampoo brands that leave me looking like I’m wearing a bad powdered wig, this product is made with pure cacao powder (yes ladies, chocolate for your hair) that blends perfectly with my roots. The product has a little twist top that dispenses powder directly to your scalp instead of a spray can, which is more environmentally conscious and helps cut down on product waste.

I used it after a day of riding right before heading to dinner with my friends and I think I tricked them into thinking I may have showered (minus the smell). Its price point is comparable to other high-end dry shampoos. Still, my hair felt cleaner and softer than it does with the lower quality brands, and I’d rather smell like a chocolate goddess than have hair that looks like day-old pasta.

Ingredients:  arrowroot flour, cornstarch, pure cacao powder, jasmine + vanilla essential oils. $14.00.

Bergamot & Lemongrass Deodorant

As I mentioned earlier, I have sensitive skin and can no longer use deodorants that contain aluminum, so I was excited to try Equestrian Wellness’ all natural Bergamot & Lemongrass deodorant. Every equestrian knows that a good deodorant is essential, but for those of us that have tried natural deodorants before, I’m sure we’d attest that they don’t meet the mark. While deodorant that doesn’t contain aluminum is not designed to stop you from sweating, in my experience I’ve often found that they also don’t stop you from smelling like a Yeti. While some of you ladies may always smell like peaches, that is not the case for yours truly, and when I ride upwards of 10 horses a day, I can sometimes smell like a ripe banana by the time I’m done. It’s taken me ages to find the right natural deodorant (I currently use Schmidt’s Lavender & Sage deodorant) that helps me smell good and stay fresh even through a long day on the farm. I’m happy to say that after trying Equestrian Wellness’ deodorant, I can add a second deodorant to my “natural but still effective” list. The deodorant comes in a lovely container with a twist off top that I really like. I was a little worried the product would make me smell like Thai curry, but the lemongrass and bergamot smell absolutely deliciousand here’s the kicker: it actually works pretty well. So far, I’ve been using it for about a week and I have not had one bout of B.O. or soppy t-shirt syndrome. Val’s been intelligent and included a “disclaimer” on her label that lets users know it may take some time for their body to transition from aluminum-based antiperspirants to natural deodorant and suggests using the product a few times per day if needed for the first few weeks. What I really like about the product is that it glides on smoothly unlike my Schmidt’s deodorant and other baking soda-based products, which tend to be cakey and hard. The real test for this deodorant will come when the weather heats up, but if you try it and live in a hot climate, let us know how it works!

Ingredients:  organic coconut oil, raw shea butter, organic beeswax, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, bergamot, lemongrass + tea tree essential oils.  $14.00.

Friction Fighter: Anti-Chafe Cream

Ladies, it’s time to talk about our butts. They may look great in our riding pants, but underneath the surface, you all know the trials and tribulations of staying comfortable when you spend all day in the saddle. Equestrian Wellness has developed their Anti-Chafe Cream to help combat sad and painfully-chafed behinds, along with other equestrian woes such as blisters and dry skin. It’s winter in Colorado and I can’t test out the product in the usual way (sweating in my breeches in 90-degree weather for 10 hours), so I took it hiking instead. The product doesn’t explicitly tell you what to do besides “apply to skin to reduce friction and protect against blisters, skin abrasions, and saddle sores,” so I took liberties and tried my own way – slathering it between my cheeks before pulling my Lulus and hiking boots on, sans my Commandos. And then I walked 8 miles. Huzzah! I returned home without a rub or sticky spot to speak of – my booty was happy and so was I. Disclaimer: The product is a little ‘wet’ in texture when applying, so if you are going to wear it with thin pants, you may want to give it a chance to dry a little before getting dressed.

Besides the behind applications of the product, it serves as an excellent hand salve and has been helping my knuckles stay hydrated even in the cold, dry Colorado winter. It’s also helping me recover from two huge blisters I got a few weeks ago when I tried horses without wearing my gloves (duh, I know, I goofed). I think overall I like this product more as a lotion bar than an anti-Monkey butt remedy, but apparently, talc is really bad for your lady parts, so I’m going to give this a try when it heats up again in the Spring and see if I can fully convert. If you live in a hot climate and you’ve used this product let me know how it worked in the comment section!

Ingredients:  shea butter, coconut oil, zinc, beeswax, aloe gel, lavender + chamomile essential oils. $18.00.

Sea Salt Soaks

We all fall off. And listen, my friends, most of the time it doesn’t feel good, no matter how hard we fake a smile and put our foot back in the stirrup. My favorite thing to do in the evening after I’ve been bucked off or face-planted into a rail is to take an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salts are a fantastic remedy for sore muscles and body tension and can help us get our game face back on for the next day of riding or competition. Equestrian Wellness makes a number of lovely sea salt soaks that are perfect for recovering from a long (or ugly) day at the barn. The website only advertises the Soul Soother Sea Salt Soak ($18.00) but Valerie sent me two vials of other concoctions she makes to try out and report on, which she calls Strawberry Roan and Dapple Grey (adorable, I know!). These types showed up in small vials that look like test tubes and are perfect for single use. They would make a great gift for someone or are small enough to throw in your travel bag when you’re heading to a show. The one-time use vial helps cut down on the mess that can come along with a big bag of Epsom salts, and you can try a few different types before committing to a larger purchase.

Strawberry Roan

This one smells a little bit too strong when you first open the tube, so I wouldn’t recommend sticking your nose into it (waft it like your 10th-grade chemistry teacher taught you), but once you dump it into the tub, the scent quickly diffuses and you can lay back and relax. This particular mix is grounded in feminine scents and uses essential oils and flowers, such as ylang ylang and rose, that will make you feel like an empowered boss mare ready to kick-ass and take names (in a strong yet feminine way).

Ingredients: Himalayan sea salt, rose + hibiscus petals, jasmine + ylang ylang essential oils

Dapple Grey

I love everything about this particular soaking blend, but then again, I have always been more of a Tom-boy and strayed away from girly smelling products. The scent is subtle and clean and extremely refreshing for my body. The combination of eucalyptus and mint is stimulating but not too powerful, and the baking soda & Epsom salt both help pull toxins out of your bodyperfect if you’ve had one too many Martinis trying to recover from the bruised bottom [read: ego] you have. You’ll wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever fences your horse tries to dump you at tomorrow.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda, organic eucalyptus, lavender + mint



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