The Great Equestrian Migration: Planning Ahead for Thermal, Wellington, & Beyond

It’s getting dark earlier. The cold weather is blowing in. Sun shirts are being traded in for base layers and cozy jackets while in the saddle. That’s right: winter is coming, and not in the Game of Thrones way (unless you consider having to ride in the indoor on par with the invasion of the undead – which of course, we wouldn’t argue with). Aside from, well, colder toes and frozen fingers, the arrival of winter means something else as well: it’s time to start planning for the annual migration of the equestrians.

Ah, yes, the time of year when the riders pack up and move to their temporary homes in Thermal and Wellington, lands of Palm Trees and blue ribbons. Sure, we still have to get through a few more indoor shows and, of course, those non-equestrian holiday times, but it’s never too early to plan for everyone’s favorite start to show season. We’ve partnered with QIS Aviation – a private plane and helicopter charter service (for humans, not horses) – to help make the transition from real life to show life a little bit easier. When it comes to partnerships, we’re extremely picky because we care a huge amount about bringing you only the best when it comes to services and products. Seriously, we can’t be bought. But we can be chartered. On a super nice but actually pretty damn affordable plane to make Wellington a whole lot more attainable as a west-coaster. Or perhaps a helicopter to and from Thermal so we can actually achieve a work and horse-show-life balance.

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Yes, that – that we’re into.

The problem with the winter shows is that they are not short shows, and they’re not in the most convenient of locations. To afford said shows, most of us still need to work, or at least be able to get back for time with our families and better halves. While getting ultra-fancy and chartering a plane or helicopter may seem counterintuitive, think again. First of all, there’s the value of the time you’ll save – gone are the endless connections, checking in two hours ahead and lingering in the airport, waiting for bags and risking canceled flights. Secondly, there are absolutely ways to make the whole shebang more affordable. Grab your barn mates, trainer, and some carry-on luggage and you’re on your way. Group charters allow you to divvy up the costs between the whole barn, and get everyone where they need to go efficiently, and in a lot more comfortable of a fashion.

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The reason we chose to partner up with QIS on this is that they’re diving into the equestrian market for the right reasons. The guys behind the company are actually passionate about helping to improve show riders’ lives, helping us all balance our love for horse showing with finding a little bit more time for our loved ones, careers, and everything else on our plate. They’re pretty on it, too – they’ll work with you to figure out the perfect charter situation to meet your needs, whether it’s a weekly commute to Thermal, a group plane to Wellington or a quick international trip to check out prospects in Europe. For them, it’s all about care and customer service and catering to the unique needs of the horse addicted.

That’s something we can stand behind. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a plane to catch.


Connect with QIS Aviation today and get your Thermal or Wellington plans in motion.

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