4 Show Ring Tips On How to Ride a Stellar Hunter Round

We all admire those professional and junior hunter riders who put in a  beautiful round and make it look so graceful and easy. And most of us think in our minds, how can I make my hunter rounds look like that? Even though hunters are judged on the basis of the horse’s jump style, movement, and overall look, their ways to help boost your round. Here I have put together some tips on how you can improve your round and wow the judges. 


  1. It’s All About the Rhythm 

Most often, when we have doubts about a distance, we tend to hold back or push forward at the jump. And when this happens, it sometimes does not end well, thus resulting in a chip. It can be challenging to not interfere with your horse when going at a jump. Maintaining a rhythmical canter that does not change throughout the course can guarantee better distances and jumps.  Even if that little voice in the back of your head is telling you to do something, you must resist the urge. 

 2. Ride With Confidence

Approaching the first fence with hesitance may be a struggle for some of you. The judge watching may think, is she confident jumping that?  Even though your riding position does not affect your score, the judge wants to see an effective rider who can bring out the best in the horse. Approaching your first fence with confidence will set the tone for the rest of your course. Go to your first fence like if you had already jumped three other fences so you have a nice forward pace to carry you through. 


3. Trust Your Horse in the Ring

Remember that the judge is looking at the horse and how well they perform. Their job is to jump the jump, you just need to sit their and let them do it. Try not to override and take control. If you need to make adjustments such as rebalancing or shortening your horse’s stride, make subtle movements. But overall, it is important to trust your horse to do their job in the ring.  

4. End on a Positive Note 

Finishing the way you started the course, with confidence. It is much better to end on a positive note instead of showing frustration on simple mistakes you made in the ring.  Show the judge that no matter what happened during the course does not bother you at the end. 

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