Why It’s Important to Have a Strong Relationship With Your Trainer

Trainers are there to support you, guide you, and bring out the best in you. However, in order for your trainers to do all those things, you need to have a strong partnership with them.  Besides the obvious love for horses, the relationship you share with your trainer is formed by many other things such as training breakthroughs, humorous moments, and sharing bottles of champagne. Most of you have probably had one or two trainers in the past that you try not to remember and that is okay. Not every trainer you will have will work out. Just think about the trainer you are working with currently You should be able to have open discussions with them and trust their system.

But how do you continue to grow that trust in your working relationship?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t ask, you don’t receive. Many riders struggle with being open with their trainers and it does not help them or the trainer in the long run. Questions allow you to have open conversations with your trainer and get a deeper understanding of what they want you to fix. If you are not quite sure what your trainer is saying, have them clarify what they are asking you to do.

Understanding when to act professionally is essential in order to keep up a work relationship. Their points in which they can be your friend and when they actually have to be your trainer. When you are warming up and getting ready for your class, your trainer is going to do their job. You need to able to take your trainer’s instructions and listen to their feedback. Sometimes it can be hard to hear what you did wrong, but remember that they want you to improve and succeed.

Look back on the connection you have with your trainer. Are there areas that need improvement so you can continue building on to what you have right now? It is always good to examine your role in the partnership you have with your trainer from time to time, so it can continue to grow and last many more years.

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