Amateur Hour: Why You Need to Listen to this Equestrian Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to learn, get inspired, and stay informed. Now with this new wave of equestrian podcasts, it was time to dive in to see which ones riders were talking about. Even though you might go straight to your favorite music playlist to unwind and relax, there is nothing quite like the power of the podcast. Whether you are driving to work, the barn, or at home wrapped up in your favorite blanket with a nice cup of tea, podcasts are a great way to pass the time.

As a community dedicated to adult amateurs, we love to see riders share their stories and opinions on different topics about the equestrian world. So when we heard about Amateur Hour, we had to listen to it.

What makes this podcast so unique?

Well, besides being dedicated to adult amateur riders, it is even hosted by four amazing adult amateurs as well, Taylor Bodson, Kelly Wilson, Claire Caust Taylor, and Olivia McDowell . These ladies are discussing various topics about the equestrian community such as horse show rules, controversial topics, riding tips, and their own personal stories about their horses. They launched the podcast towards the end of 2018 and now have released 11 episodes. Just a couple of our own favorites include New Year’s Edition, The Valentine’s Day Episode, and Horse Show Fail Minisode.

Amateur Hour is a podcast that you can truly relate to. Besides the great tips and discussions, the stories shared between these ladies are ones that many riders can understand. From embarrassing moments in the ring to heartwarming tales of finding their horse. Oh, and let’s not forget those laugh out loud moments. These equestrians are creating a supportive community of amateur riders from all different backgrounds who can share their love for this incredible sport.

Catch their latest episodes on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcast.

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