Equestrian Confidential was born from a need for an online space for the huge community of horse show addicted, dedicated, horse loving amateur riders to connect, converse, and come to for tips, tricks, wine recommendations, a good laugh, and a hefty dose of positivity. The EC was created by a dynamic duo of one trainer with a barn full of mildly anxious, hard-working, highly social adult riders – and one of those very adult amateurs – both who realized the community was missing a place for everyone to come together (outside of their own barns).

While there are a few equestrian blogs, websites, and social networks out there, most of them are focused either on professional riders, show news, or multi-discipline advice that isn’t really geared to what the amateur show rider wants to know. Where’s the frank discussion on ringside anxiety? Where’s the skincare tips for blazing hot show weekends? Most importantly – where is the wine list?

Not to fear – it’s all here.

The Equestrian Confidential is all about frank discussion, tips and advice you actually care about, and the conversations that you’d have at the barn with your friends. From hunt coats that cover love handles to yoga moves to up your Eq game, show morning routines to help you focus to the best post-Saturday lesson cocktails and everything in between, The Equestrian Confidential is dedicated to the amateur show lifestyle and committed to creating a positive, fun, engaging community that you’ll definitely want to be a part of.

This is a perpetual exhibitors party, a personal show stylist, a life coach, and a place to get a good laugh. From actionable advice to entertaining articles, the EC blog is your one-stop shop for amateur life. Join in on social media to connect with other riders, ask any and every question, and get involved with the community that you already love.



  • Tips and advice from top trainers, professional riders, judges, and experts on managing show anxiety, overcoming overthinking in lessons, focusing on the positive to improve your riding, and other tricks for changing your mental game when it comes to riding and showing
  • Amateur Spotlights showcasing amazing amateur riders from all walks of life
  • Articles on managing families and showing, involving spouses who don’t ride in your horse life, creating your best show budget, and more topics to help you balance your horse show life
  • Fashion, fitness, and skincare advice specifically tailored for daily riding, going from barn to other parts of life, and show time
  • Humorous stories, relatable anecdotes, and lots of laughs relating to amateur life
  • And of course….the best post-ride wine recommendations, barn friendly cocktail recipes, and more

This is a brand built around, and for, amateur riders who show (no articles about how to halter break your weanling, how to join the high school equestrian team, or how to be a better instructor….only the things you want and need to know). It’s got a sense of humor, a positive spin, and a strong community of riders who have a lot in common and want to connect outside the barn

The Equestrian Confidential magazine is a bi-annual luxury publication that brings you even more of the world you love and puts in right into your hands.

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